My presentations

Many of these presentations illustrate ongoing research projects:

International cutaneous borreliosis and molecular dermatopathology – November 4, 2012 – lecture at International Lyme and Related Disorders National Scientific Symposium. Alan B. MacDonald

Round forms of Borrelia burgdorferi: Survival of the Microbe and Attack Models. University of New Haven Research Seminar Presentation. 2012 – Alan B. MacDonald

Presentation to the Board of the Tick Borne Disease Alliance, October 2012 – Alan B. MacDonald

Alzheimer Plaques Resemble Biofilm communities Of borrelia Burgdorferi: A structural analysis. 2012 – Alan B. MacDonald

Teaching file on Biofilms of Borrelia burgdorferi which accompanies the recent journal article in PLOS ONE. Alongside this please read my comments on how Biofilm Microbiology is distinct from Planktonic Microbiology. 2012

Borrelia Spirochetes imaged from Human blood – Case studies. Alan B. MacDonald MD. 2012

Biofilms of Borrelia burgdorferi and clinical implications for chronic borreliosis (.pdf) – Alan B. MacDonald, University of New Haven, Lyme Disease Symposium, July 7 2008.

Borrelia Attack Models (.pdf) – University of New Haven Symposium, May 19 2007

Dementia caused by Borrelia infection of the Central Nervous System (.pdf) – Alan B. MacDonald, Columbia University, LDA National Scientific Meeting, October 20, 2006, Philadelphia Pennsylvania

Borrelia and Alzheimers (.pdf) Alan B. MacDonald, ILADS National Meeting, Pennsylvania, Oct 30, 2005.

Observational pdfs

Cystic Borrelia and their relationship to Alzheimer’s Disease – short .pdf with images. 2012 – Alan B. MacDonald

Biofilms of Borrelia burgdorferi – Diverse Components (.pdf) – 2008

DNA stains of Normal Nerve cells compared with Nerve cells undergoing Invasion by Borrelia Cyst forms in Alzheimer’s Autopsy Hippocampus tissue sections (.pdf) – Feb 12, 2006

Diverse Morphologic Spirochetal Profiles: In vivo and In vitro Observations Analysis of Spirochetal Heiroglyphics (.pdf) – 2004

Examples of diverse morphologies for Pathogenic Spirochetes : Borrelia burgdorferi forms – Alan B. MacDonald M.D.

Test section: Spirochetal Morphology – a test pdf identifying different spirochetal forms with citations from the medical literature

Test section: Ring forms of Spirochetal Morphology – a small test pdf identifying ring forms of Borrelia burgodoferi

Test section: Spirochetal Morphology 2 – another test pdf identifying some spirochetal forms

Presentations by others

Strucutural Analysis of Biofilms of Borrelia burgdorferi (.ppt) – Eva Sapi PhD, Director, Lyme Disease Research Group, University of New Haven, University Research Scholar, Associate Professor, Departments of Biology and Environmental Science – 10/4/2012

Biofilms in Medicine – Claudia Dreszer, Susanne Sperling, Mauro Tavian